Ex Occidente to Close

Dan Ghetu has announced that Ex Occidente Press is to close in April 2011. The press, while producing highly collectible and attractive books, had faced sharp criticism at times over shipping problems.

The announcement was made on Thomas Ligotti Online:

“My work will be done by April 2011. Time to let others map out new paths with their desperado pens, hearts and minds. Even so, there are still fifteen – seventeen volumes – mainly Passports to Levant – which I wish released by the beginning of the exhilarating April of 2011. And since now I am only publishing at least four-five books at once, I don’t think my aim is too far-fetched. Actually, it is kinda underrated. Busy months ahead, indeed, with some hopefully big and interesting surprises too. There is no other way but going out with a bang.”