Fall 2012 line-up of new Pandemonium titles announced

The fall 2012 line-up of Pandemonium Fiction titles has been released, and includes a weird Western anthology, new collectible novelettes and the anniversary edition of Simon Morden’s apocalyptic debut.

Pandemonium will be publishing a luxury re-issue of Thy Kingdom Come, the debut novel by Philip K. Dick Award-winning author Simon Morden. Featuring twenty interconnected tales of a nuclear apocalypse, this limited edition features a new introduction and afterword by the author, an introduction by Edgar-winning Robert Jackson Bennett and art by the amazing Joey HiFi. Thy Kingdom Come will be released as a signed and numbered limited edition. All profits from the sales of this book (due in November) will go to the Red Cross.

A Town Called Pandemonium is a shared world Western featuring some of the top authors in genre fiction. The tales all take place in a burned out mining town in the New Mexico territory. Scott Andrews, Will Hill, Archie Black, Jonathan Oliver, Joseph D’Lacey and Den Patrick are joined by US authors Sam Sykes, Chrysanthy Balis and Osgood Vance and South Africa’s Sam Wilson. The anthology is llustrated by Adam Hill. As with previous Pandemonium anthologies, A Town Called Pandemonium will be released as a numbered limited edition and a Kindle ebook (for one year only!). Release date is November.

Jonathan Green is joined by debut authors Marc Aplin and Laura Graham in 1853, the chapbook companion to Town. The authors explore the rest of the shared world with stories set in the same fateful year. 1853 collects three short tales of monsters human and inhuman. This ebook will also be released in November.

The Pandemonium Novelettes series of lettered-edition paperbacks continues with Archie Black‘s Uncle Smoke. Originally published in Stories of the Smoke, Black has extended her whirlwind tour of London’s secret history with several new neighbourhoods. To be released in December in print only, limited to 26 signed and lettered copies.

Finally, the tradition of Stocking Stuffers continues, with a new collection of darkly fantastic tales for the holiday season. Cover by Sarah Anne Langton. Ebook only to be released in December.