FantasyCon: Late additions

Due to a last minute room change we can add an extra film screening from 8:00 pm on Friday 30 September in the Russell Room…

Charles Beaumont: The Short Life of Twilight Zone’s Magic Man (2010)

90 Mins

Directed by Jason Brock

Imagine becoming the top writer for Playboy in your twenties. Imagine being a mainstay for the ground-breaking Twilight Zone series.

Imagine verging on the cusp of a major film writing career. Then imagine a mysterious illness stealing your mind and youth …

ALSO (on a lighter note!):

On Saturday from 10:00 pm – Midnight in the Lounge

Spine-chilling, mouth-watering and rib-tickling amusements from …


Proudly Present..

Blood on Satan’s Claw: A Pantomime


Performances by:
Miss Baby Bones & Alessa Dark
Bea Devile
Ruby Demure & Infinity Favour
(The Flirtinis)
Esmeralda Underwood

Not for the faint of heart or those of a nervous disposition!