Fifth update from Acting Chair Graham Joyce.

I previously announced that nominations for vacant BFS committee positions would close on 18th November.  The nominations are in and I am delighted to announce that all vacant positions for the BFS committee have been filled.  I’m thrilled that we do have very high calibre and experienced people joining the committee in every position.  There will be a formal ratification at the EGM on December 9th but since none of the positions are contested there will be no ballot.

Thus the new committee members who will serve until the  AGM held at Fantasycon in September  are:

Chairperson:  Lee Harris, nominated by Paul Cornell and seconded by Philip Lunt

Treasurer:  Amanda Rutter, nominated by Suzanne MacLeod, seconded by Neil Ford

Secretary:  Marion Pitman, nominated by Tina Rath and seconded by Jan Edwards

Awards Administrator: Sarah Ann Watts, nominated by James Bennett, seconded by Lawrence Watts

Publicity Officer:  Lizzie Barrett, nominated by Jared Shurin and seconded by Lou Morgan

Stock Holder Christopher Teague continues in position.  The committee is also comprised of the editors of the Society publications Lou Morgan (Prism) and Guy Adams (Dark Horizons); the website administrator (Del Lakin Smith); Events organiser (Martin Roberts); and Online News organiser (Caroline Callaghan).

Congratulations to the new officers.  I hope members agree this is a fantastic new-look team.  Please offer every support to them in their efforts!

More on the awards in a couple of days.

Graham Joyce

Acting Chair.