Film of R.B. Russell’s Bloody Baudelaire in production

Entertainment industry publication Variety, and other film industry websites, report that R.B. Russell’s novella Bloody Baudelaire is currently being filmed in Portland, Maine, US by 3:1 Cinema and Fischer Productions. Directed by Francisco Orvañanos, it has the working title Backgammon, and stars Noah Silver (The Borgias), Brittany Allen (Emmy award-winner for All My Children) Alex Beh (CSI: Miami), Olivia Crocicchia (Rescue Me) and Christian Alexander (The Lying Game). The screenplay is by R.B. Russell, Todd Niemi and Francisco Orvañanos.

Bloody Baudelaire was first published by Ex Occidente in 2009, and has recently been included in the reprint collection Ghosts (Swan River Press, 2012). Both are currently out of print. Ray Russell’s agent, Artellus Ltd, is currently looking for a mainstream press to reprint the novella.