First Sara Jayne Townsend collection from Stumar Press

Stumar Press are proud to announce that Sara Jayne Townsend’s first short story collection is now available to purchase in print and ebook formats. Soul Screams is a collection of thirteen horror stories dealing with negative emotions and darkness of the soul. These stories are about that inner scream that no one can hear but you.

The collection officially launches at the BFS Open Day on Saturday 16 June 2012 at the Mug House, London, where Sara will be in attendance after 4.00 pm and will happily sign copies of the book whilst stocks last. If you want to guarantee your copy of Soul Screams we advise you to purchase it online in advance and bring your copy along to the Open Day where Sara will gladly sign it.

Asked recently if there are any underlying themes that recur in the collection, Sara replied: “Rather a lot of them, actually. I’ve always used my writing as a way of trying to deal with emotional baggage, so there are recurring themes that pop up a lot – things I was evidently having trouble dealing with at the time. Many of them reflect my own personal fears. The most obvious theme is death – in 12 of the 13 stories, at least one person dies a horrible death. Betrayal by a loved one is another recurring theme. Loneliness, isolation and despair also feature a lot. Cheerful stuff!”

What others have said about Sara’s work:
“Townsend writes accomplished, powerful stories of mystery and fear, with places and themes we all recognise, and delicious twists in the tail.” – Tim Lebbon, author of Echo City.

“In this collection, the crimes of which we are all capable aren’t merely depicted as whodunits, but whydunits – a balanced yet ultimately disturbing and thought-provoking read.” – Sally Spedding, author of Malediction and Cold Remains.

“There is aching poignancy within these pages, along with unnerving images which will worm their way inside your mind and linger there long after the final words have passed.” – Gavin Williams, author of Hush and Driver: Nemesis (writing as Alex Sharp).

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