Free audio podcast: Doctor Who spin-off The Minister of Chance

The Minister of Chance is an audio podcast Doctor Who spin-off written and produced by Dan Freeman of Radio Static. Freeman first created the Minister (then played by Stephen Fry) in the award-winning Doctor Who drama Death Comes To Time.

“Now in his fourth incarnation, defrocked Time Lord, The Minister Of Chance, finds himself saddled with Kitty – an assistant he apparently cannot get rid of – and perilously entangled in the court intrigues and military politics of a forest planet on the brink of war. Jenny Agutter, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and Paul Darrow join Julian Wadham (The Iron Lady) and Lauren Crace (EastEnders) in a mould-breaking audio adventure that will take you to a spectacular world where science is heresy and magic is law…”

What’s more, downloads are FREE! For more information, visit the website HERE or download Episode 1: The Broken World from HERE