Fur-Lined Ghettos #3 Now Available

FLG3Issue #3 of the much appreciated irrealist magazine Fur-Lined Ghettos is now available to order (http://fur-linedghettos.weebly.com/purchase.html).

Featuring poetry/prose and general strangeness from Trevor Calvert, Mike Cannon, David Gullen, Jack Madigan, Travis McCullers, Eleanor Mitchell, Adam Napier, Jacob Solstice, Kate Tattersfield and Jon Wesick. With cover art by Bonnie Seifert.

UK copies are £4 inc p&p, overseas £6. Please note back issues of #1 and #2 are still available so if you haven’t tried us before please consider doing so.

We’re also open for submissions for #4, so consider sending us something weird!