Gary McMahon completes his Concrete Grove trilogy from Solaris

Gary McMahon completes his contemporary horror trilogy The Concrete Grove when Beyond Here Lies Nothing is released by Solaris Books on 28 August 2012 (US & Canada) and 13 September 2012 (UK).

About the book:
Marc Price arrives on the estate to research a book about the “Northumbrian Poltergeist,” an infamous case from the 1970s. As Marc teases out the suppressed details of the story, he finds himself drawn to a woman whose young daughter went missing years ago during a spate of child abductions. Then the scarecrows appear, their heads plastered with photographs of the long-missing and the dead…

A door has been opened and a presence is about to step through. It is up to Marc to put the ghosts to rest and unravel fact from fiction.

McMahon’s Concrete Grove series is a spine-tingling contemporary horror trilogy merging ancient horrors with modern themes of deprivation and social despair. Join him as he closes this stunning trilogy with with a very different kind of ‘broken Britain’.

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