Goodnight Keith Moon: A Parody. Book review

GOODNIGHT KEITH MOON: A PARODY by Bruce Worden & Clare Cross. Illustrated by Bruce Worden. Word of Mouth Press £6.99

Reviewed by ‘Whisprin’ John Carter

The first page of this very slim but quite superb hardback declares it to be a parody and based upon, Margaret Wise Brown’s and Clement Hurds’ much acclaimed book for ‘wee sprogs’, which appeared in the mid-90s, Goodnight Moon.  The story revolves all around a baby/toddler bunny who just will not go to sleep [an experience every parent/grandparent has or will suffer … believe you me]. So, a parody it is then, but with a with the added bonus of being a neat and quirky ghost story.

Drumming legend Keith Moon lies dead on his bed in a green and trashed cheap hotel room. The driving force of The Who has just shuffled off this mortal coil due to a tragic accident and a large slice of misadventure. Except his ‘rockin’ soul’ doesn’t seem all that keen to move on at this moment. Enter the ghost of Mama Cass Elliot, ‘The Loon’s’ very own personal spirit guide. The game’s afoot as Mama proceeds to cajole and nudge Keith’s shade towards the other side, much along the lines of attempting to get an awkward kiddie to visit the Land of Nod, using devious mind games and pet control tricks. Thus ensues a fun contest of spot The Who staples (and other rock references of the period) contained hidden in the totally groovy illustrations. You’ll easily viddy the broken pinball machine and the rusting toy Magic Bus, but a good many others ain’t so easy see.

The illustrations are bold, bright and bouncy, skilfully drawn and accurate, whilst the script is tight, succinct and morbidly funny. Well researched and decently dosed with a large [Livin’] spoonful of black humour.

This is the luvverly chill-pill kinda book that can really take the pain out of a bad hair day. Pick it up and flick away. Clock something you’ve missed before and you’ll feel proper boo! I’d say it all works on three levels. Grandparents, parents and the children who love to use their imagination – which should be actively encouraged at all times. And if you’ve a fancy to listen to some music whilst indulging, let me please recommend The Who’s stunningly magical ‘Love Reign O’er Me’. So, its time to say … Goodnight Keith Moon (and God Bless). Bloody Good Show!