Horror movie star turned musician turned horror author for Black Static

Baph Tripp, soon to have a his story Chodpa published in Black Static #29 (July 2012), was originally Louis Tripp who starred in the Canadian movies The Gate and Gate II: Trespassers, aka Gate II: Return to the Nightmare, in 1987 and 1990 respectively. He is now a musician creating underground industrial music as x.a.o.s in Australia, but will become a new author this summer when his first published fiction appears in Black Static. His story Chodpa is “a dark, unsettling meditation on alienation, blighted hope, and the uselessness of human consciousness. And insects.”

For new authors, an appearance in Black Static brings international recognition in horror and dark fantasy fiction, but Baph has had plenty of experience of that from an early age. Baph has a convoluted history in terms of names, locations and artforms. He was born Louis Tripp, and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada and was a movie star in his early teens playing the role of Terry in the 1980s cult horror films The Gate and Gate II. At age 20, he changed his name to Twelve Twenty and as 12:20 he created confrontational, experimental music and engaged in the type of performance art activities that, on occasion, resulted in his involvement with the humane society and the police. At 30, the by then somewhat notorious 12:20 became Baph Tripp and began to create underground industrial music as x.a.o.s with releases in 2001, 2007 and 2009. He now lives in New South Wales, Australia.

He wrote the 8,100 word short story Chodpa in 2011 but spent time on extensive editing and re-writes before submitting it for publication in April 2012. Its acceptance for Black Static has fuelled his ambition to write more dark fiction.

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