Jo Fletcher acquires Viking fantasy trilogy

Jo Fletcher has bought a Viking trilogy by Icelandic writer Snorri Kristjansson from the Geraldine Cooke agency.  The first of the series will be Swords of Good Men, published in summer 2013 by Jo Fletcher Books.

Snorri Kristjansson is currently teaching at a London primary school, but he has been at various times a journalist, web-designer, computer programmer, caretaker for ill people, cement-packer,longshoreman, musician, writer, actor and, most recently, a comedian. His Edinburgh Fringe show was the first to combine puffins, Icelandic revolutions and Jude Law – well, in recent history that is. Swords of Good Men is his first novel.

Geraldine said: ‘I met Snorri on the night Iceland finally went down the tubes – as he was doing a gig in the West End: he was so funny I thought I’d get him to do book on Iceland . . . little did I know that he was already writing a fantasy. This is a story of betrayal, war and emotion with comedy along the way.’

Snorri says: ‘When I found out that Jo Fletcher herself had expressed an interest in my book I had to go have a sit down. I am proud, privileged and tremendously excited to join JFB’s list of fresh, intriguing authors.’

Jo Fletcher says:  ‘There’s nothing like a good, rip-roaring Viking yarn to get the blood flowing, and when you add a recently converted warrior king determined to bring Christianity at the point of his sword and a powerful Northlands witch determined the Old Gods will triumph and, you know you’re in for a good time. I’m really thrilled to welcome Snorri to JFB, as part of my commitment to publish the very best in fantasy, SF and horror.’

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