London Writers Workshop – Writing SF

Two workshops on writing science fiction will take place in Islington, one on 25 March 2012 (10-6pm) and one on 29 April 2012 (10am-6pm)

“What makes science fiction tick? Where do they get their ideas from? And how do they make it all seem so real? Androids and aliens, time travel and alternate worlds, cyber punk and steam punk, utopias, dystopias and post-apocalypses … not to mention space opera.

In this intensive one-day masterclass, bestselling science fiction author David Wingrove will teach you the basic skills as applied to literature’s most colourful genre, addressing such questions as: What are the rules? Where are the markets in this age of e-books and internet magazines?

Bring your imagination and come and learn with one of the experts in the field.”

One-day workshop
25th March 2012
29th April 2012

TUTOR: David Wingrove
£90 per workshop (lunch included)

To contact us or to book:
Email: londonwritersworkshop [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk
Phone: 020 7609 1839

Details at the London Writers Workshop website