New books due from Gray Friar Press

Gray Friar Press are launching a new series of paperbacks. The New Blood series will feature short story collections from some of the brightest new stars of horror fiction. Number 1 in the series is Peel Back the Sky from Stephen Bacon. This 21 story collection, featuring an introduction by Nicholas Royle and wonderful cover art by Les Edwards, is available now.

About the book:
“The shop mannequins that appear to have a life of their own . . .the monstrous insect that consumes men’s thoughts . . . the shadowy organisation that wreaks terror to the public . . . the overgrown garden blighted by a centuries-old curse . . . These tales map the darkest recesses of our minds. They document the madness and cruelty that exists in the places we do not wish to visit.”

To order a copy visit the website HERE

The following few months will also see the release of the second entry in the New Blood series, Thana Niveau‘s From Hell to Eternity. There’s also the new entry in Gray Friar’s Terror Tales series – this time, Terror Tales of East Anglia – as well as a bumper new collection from its editor Paul Finch. There will also be a collection of novellas from Simon Bestwick, number 6 in the Gray Matter series.

For more information visit the Gray Friar website HERE