New books from Dark Regions Press

Dark Regions Press announces the new poetry collection, Blood Wallah and Other Poems by Robert Borski – now available for preorder.

“If you think there’s nothing new to write about the classic characters of horror and fantasy, think again. In this fine collection Robert Borski offers us witty and memorable reflections on Vlad the Impaler, Dorothy’s Tin Man, Pinocchio’s Gepetto, Rotwang from Metropolis, the Morlocks of H.G. Wells, Poe’s Ulalume–even the Tooth Fairy. In Borski’s off-kilter world, all of Hell’s timepieces are synchronized to 13 o’clock, the hour when “dust-bellied monsters decide to stop holding their breath for fear of being detected, and emerge from under the bed.”  He lets those monsters loose in Blood Wallah and Other Poems, and the grateful reader can’t help but be thrilled. ”
Christopher Conlon, author of Midnight on Mourn Street and Starkweather Dreams

ALSO, Multiplex Fandango by Weston Ochse is now in stock and shipping to customers. There are very few Deluxe Hardcover editions left and Limited Hardcovers are going fast.

Multiplex Fandango is subtitled “A Weston Ochse Reader” for good reason. This collection contains a comprehensive representation of short fiction and novellas by the Bram Stoker award winner and Pushcart Prize nominee, including his recent powerful Stoker finalist short story, “The Crossing Of Aldo Rey” and his brilliant Stoker finalist novella, Redemption Roadshow, as well as acclaimed favorites, “Catfish Gods” and “Big Rock Candy Mountain”. Also included in this omnibus volume of sixteen short stories and novellas are six original new works of short fiction written especially for this collection including such future classics as “Tarzan Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”, “Low Men Weeping”, and the stunning, “City Of Joy”.’

Other books now available for pre-order or in stock include:
Isis Unbound by Allyson Bird
London Macabre by Steven Savile
Beautiful Hell by Jeffrey Thomas
Surrealities by Bruce Boston

Lullaby for the Rain Girl, a new novel by Christopher Conlon, with artwork by Vincent Chong will be available for preorder soon:

‘At age 36, Ben Fall is a man in torment. Overstressed, out of shape, in the middle of a bitter divorce, and carrying a secret that weighs heavily on his psyche, he’s convinced he’s a failure. He can hardly get out of bed in the morning to make his way to the high school where he teaches English. But suddenly one gray afternoon, a mousy, nondescript new girl appears in his classroom. She seems fascinated by everything he says and does–disturbingly so. Yet, though she gazes obsessively at him and hangs on his every word, she won’t even tell him her name…just that she’s “The Rain Girl.” Who is she? Where does she come from? What does she want?

And why does no one seem to see her but him?
The answers Ben finds will prove heartbreaking…and horrifying.’