New books from Telos exploring cult classics

Telos Publishing have two new releases available now. Ape-Man: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to 100 Years of Tarzan by Sean Egan, covers the Tarzan phenomenon from beginning to end. Telos Movie Classics: Hulk by Tony Lee is the first in a projected series of film guides focussing on cult and other films of interest. The Telos Movie Classics guides are intended to be: “A series of guides to some of the most talked-about films ever produced. From classics and acclaimed features to lesser-known or overlooked works, but all deserving of critical appraisal.”

About Ape-Man, the Telos website states: “This book traces Tarzan’s history in prose, film, comic strips, comic books, radio, stage, television, computer games and merchandise, charting the rise of one of the most popular and iconic characters in fiction. Included is the last ever interview with Danton Burroughs (grandson of Edgar Rice Burroughs), plus exclusive comments from Michael Moorcock, Hugh Hudson, R.A. Salvatore and the oldest surviving screen Tarzan, Denny Miller, amongst many more. The book also examines the massive changes in public attitudes towards Africa, race, hereditary peers and wildlife conservation that may finally deal Tarzan the fatal blow that any number of sinister safaris and high priests of mysterious lost cities failed to.”

About Hulk: “From its 1962 comicbook origins in The Incredible Hulk by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, director Ang Lee’s classic movie Hulk (2003) updates and reinvents the story of how scientist Bruce Banner is transformed into a giant rage monster, and becomes a new antihero for the 21st century …. This book reviews the movie’s narrative complexity and its varied genre elements – including science fiction, tragic drama, action thriller, doomed romance, and modern fairytale – and studies the mythological references, realised by an artistically innovative editing style and groundbreaking visual effects.”

Full details at the Telos website HERE