New British fantasy film, Raven Waiting

Raven Waiting is a new British fantasy adventure film being made in the North West by fantasy film fans. Dan Rowbottom is the director and brains behind the film which he hopes will entertain people as well as provide opportunities for UK talent.

Dan is a comics book illustrator and filmmaker whose inspiration for Raven Waiting comes from his love of films like The Dark Crystal, Pan’s Labyrinth, Lord of the Rings and Brazil.

The story of Raven Waiting takes us within the confines of a decaying Dickensian town where the inhabitants live in fear of creatures attacking in the night. The film follows Juliette as she is drawn into a story of underground societies and creatures that protect the night.

“The film at first appears to be a Dickensian drama but quickly reveals itself to be a fantasy adventure full of creatures, sprites and adventurers,” says director Dan Rowbottom.

The film will work with local talent in the North West, and is currently featured on as part of a crowd funding campaign.

Check out the film’s blog HERE