New cult TV titles from Telos Publishing

Available for pre-order from Telos (due around mid-April) is Blake’s 7: The Merchandise Guide by Mark B. Oliver.

“In 1978, Blake’s 7, a new science fiction show, debuted on BBC television, and viewers became enthralled by the adventures of Blake, Avon, Jenna, Vila, Gan and Cally, aided by the computer Zen, as they battled against the might of the Federation, represented by the villainous Servalan and her right hand man, Travis. Merchandise followed, and here, for the first time, Mark B. Oliver presents a collector’s guide to everything produced in relation to the show, and several items which never made it to the shops.

The book documents the background to the merchandise, detailing the highs and lows, and explores the history of Blake’s 7 merchandise from it’s very beginning. Included are full colour photographs of just about every item, plus interviews with some of those involved in the production of the ranges.

Blake’s 7: The Merchandise Guide is both a fascinating tour through the many ways that Blake’s 7 has been presented in merchandise and an entertaining guide to the world of Blake’s 7 collecting. The book covers Blake’s 7 merchandise around the world, including items released in America, Australia and Argentina, as well as the many UK-produced items.”

Also, a new title available now is Hunted! The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Supernatural Seasons 1-3 by Sam Ford and Antony Fogg.

“Immerse yourself in the dark and dangerous world of the Winchester brothers…

Descend into the delicious detail of demon hunting and deadly mysteries…

Join the authors of Hunted! on an in-depth voyage of discovery as they follow Sam and Dean Winchester through three seasons of hunting things and saving people; searching for their dad and dealing with their personal destinies; while never losing sight of the most important asset in their war against supernatural monsters — their own family. And, where Dean’s concerned anyway, where the next hot chick carrying a cheeseburger is coming from.

The journey also takes in the making of the series: the goofs, the actors’ comments and the writing decisions — good and bad — while providing a critical commentary on all aspects of the show: from the clothes and the music, to the car and the guest stars.”

For full details see the Telos website HERE