New from Chomu Press

There are three more books to come from Chômu Press in 2011 and the first of these, The Orphan Palace by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., (also featuring fabulous cover art from Peter Diamond), has now been released. Hitch a ride to madness by picking up a copy here.

Also, coming on 12th December 2011, The Secret Life of the Panda, a new collection from Nick Jackson:

The Secret Life of the Panda is Nick Jackson’s second collection, in which he proves himself a rare contemporary master of the short form. A grieving husband takes his motherless son to a curious museum; under a microscope, the struggles of tiny organisms mirror the fall of a city; a boy who doesn’t understand numbers finds eternity in the curves of a snake; where paradise is despoiled by developers, the oropendola bird weaves a basket of sunlight to carry away the dead.

This subtle but exotic collection forms a menagerie of the imagination whose creatures appear as specimens to be anatomically examined or as totems of elusive significance, guiding us into secret and colourful places where the truth is so strange it can only be suggested.”