New online SFF reading group – Dark Margins

A new online reading group called Dark Margins has been set up on Copia, an e-reading community ( Copia are supporting this effort to create a place online where SFF fans can talk about the books they love.

The Dark Margins reading group focuses on Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction. Copia’s platform allows readers to post book reviews, connect with new friends, and, most importantly, share comments and annotations in the margins of the ebooks that they download.

To start things off, Dark Margins have added some preliminary books to their library shelves, such as The Time Machine, Pattern Recognition, Urth of the New Sun, and Anathem, and they would welcome suggestions as to what further books could be added and discussed.

The Dark Margins reading group can be found online at as well as on Pinterest ( and Twitter at @thecopia_dmg, where they post news, writing contest information, and Science Fiction and Fantasy-related finds.