New website helps readers discover SF titles

GeekWire has reported the launch of a new website, BestSFBooks. Its developer, entrepreneur Adam Doppelt, is a self-confessed science fiction geek. The idea behind the site is simple: to help readers discover the most critically-acclaimed SF titles.

According to GeekWire, Doppelt has wanted to build the service for years as a tool to discover science fiction books. In fact, he created a prototype a few years ago, but shelved that concept as other entrepreneurial endeavors took precedent.

Doppelt explains “Amazon will gladly deliver any book that I want to purchase, but they’re terrible at guiding me to the best books, especially if you’re looking at a particular genre like science fiction which tends to get polluted by best sellers that aren’t critically acclaimed.”

The recommendation engine behind BestSFBooks identifies award-winning titles and those which have been nominated for major awards. In some cases, it also takes into account Amazon sales ranks. And Doppelt is considering adding what he calls a “lightweight” voting system so users can help SF fans discover new authors.

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  1. EAMHarris // 10/10/2011 at 15:37 //

    Thank you for this information. I looked at the website concerned and it seems really useful. I’m not totally convinced that only books that have won awards can be classified as ‘best’, but I can see that doing it any other way would be very difficult.

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