News from BFS members


BFS members can submit their news for free inclusion in our monthly members-only bulletin. Here is a selection of recent items:

Allen Ashley: Allen will next be guest-editing an issue of Wordland, its theme being “Mountebanks”. He offers his apologies for submitting news about this again but the details weren’t up on the website last month. Learn more.

Dave Brzeski: Legends of New Pulp Fiction is out now! This huge tome contains no less than 60 stories by 60 authors. Each story comes with a full page illustration by one of 30 contributing artists. Currently available in paperback from Amazon and pdf from the Airship 27 website, a Kindle edition will be released soon, and an audiobook is being worked on. All proceeds go to help Pro Se Press editor-in-chief, Tommy Hancock, who was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Included is a new Nick Nightmare story by Adrian Cole, plus Jilly Paddock, Josh Reynolds, I.A. Watson, Morgan Fitzsimons etc. Learn more.

Jan Edwards: Alchemy Press’s Jan Edwards has a new collection due in a month or so: Fables and Fabrications comes from the Penkhull Press and features some of Jan’s best short stories. Learn more.

Jilly Paddock: The sequel to Jilly Paddock’s To Die a Stranger is now out. With Amber Tears follows the adventures of Anna Marie Delany and her psionically linked computer Zenith Alpha 4031 as they are pursued by Earth Intelligence. It’s published by Pro Se Press, with a cover by Morgan Fitzsimons, and is available in paperback and various electronic formats from the usual sources. Learn more.

Murray Ewing: The Fantasy Reader is Murray Ewing’s first published novel, out now in paperback, ebook and Kindle formats: “There’s a new, mysterious flight of stairs outside 14-year-old Carol Tanner’s bedroom. It goes up and up and up, into the realms of sheer impossibility – just as stairs in a three-bedroomed semi-detached house on Willow Drive shouldn’t. And it’s not there all the time…” Learn more.

Peter Coleborn: The Alchemy Press was delighted to be shortlisted in four British Fantasy Award categories – and to win Best Collection with Adrian Cole’s Nick Nightmare Investigates. Many thanks to all who voted for our books and to the judges who made the final decisions. Two new collections appeared towards the end of 2015: Music in the Bone by Marion Pitman and Music From the Fifth Planet by Anne Nicholls. And our first title of 2016 will be The Complete Weird Epistles of Penelope Pettiweather by Jessica Amanda Salmonson. Learn more.

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