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Sherlock Holmes and the Albino’s TreasureBFS members can submit their news for free inclusion in our monthly members-only bulletin. Here is a selection of recent items.

Allen Ashley: Launched at this year’s FantasyCon, a new anthology from Shadow Publishing: Creeping Crawlers edited by Allen Ashley. Nineteen chilling and thrilling themed horror and SF stories from the likes of Dennis Etchison, Storm Constantine and John Grant, along with other names both familiar and new. 400 pages. Cover art by Steve Upham. Don’t miss out on this treat for the brain and shiver across the skin. Learn more. Allen will next be guest-editing an issue of the magazine Wordland. The theme for this issue is “Mountebanks”. Submissions open 1 November 2015 and close 31 January 2016. Stories up to 2500 words and poems up to 40 lines. All submissions as attachments to Allen on with the header “Wordland 7 Submission”. Learn more.

Frances Gow: Frances Gow has just had her first novel published by Double Dragon Publishing, which is co-written with her father and published under the name, FG & DC Laval. It is a medieval fantasy for young adults and follows the adventures of Gereinte Andolin, heir to the throne of Carentan, who is a sitting target since the death of his father. After several assassination attempts, he is abducted and sold into servitude to a rough sea-faring tribe called the Coustillers. Learn more.

Jilly Paddock: Jilly Paddock’s latest book from Pro Se Press. Dead Men Rise Up Never, the sequel to The Spook and the Spirit in the Stone, is available in paperback and ebook formats, from Amazon and Smashwords. Learn more.

Justin Lee Anderson: Carpet Diem, Justin Lee Anderson’s debut novel, launched in paperback at the end of August. The story of an Edinburgh hermit whose life is turned upside down when his living room carpet turns out to be the deciding factor in a bet between God and Satan has been called “a spiritual successor to Good Omens”, “comedy gold” and “a glorious romp of a book … perfect for fans of Douglas Adams and Neil Gaiman” by fellow authors. Learn more.

Mike Chinn: Pro Se Productions will be publishing Mike Chinn’s new collection of inter-connected Damian Paladin Pulp-style adventure stories in 2016: Walkers in Shadow. Paladin and Leigh Oswin are up against zombies, shape-shifting demons, a decidedly non-twinkly vampire, things from another dimension, and Paladin’s own father. Chinn has also been contracted to write a Western, again for 2016 publication. Western movies have successfully mined Japanese samurai films for inspiration; so obviously, he’s using Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto for his muse.

Peter Thompson: Peter Thompson has a novel out called The Flower of Myfous. It is published by Lodge Books of Bridlington. It is also available on Amazon as a paperback book or as an ebook. Learn more.

S.M. Taylor: S.M. Taylor’s first novel is now available. Fortuna: The Coupling is a Gothic fantasy of erotic horror. Following a car crash in a storm, Lily Ward wakes up and enters the pages of a Gothic romance of nightmare proportions… ‘May fortune be thy misery, love be thy madness, and sleep be thy nightmare!’ Learn more.

Stuart Douglas: Stuart Douglas’s debut novel, Sherlock Holmes and the Albino’s Treasure, was released by Titan earlier this year. Described by Publisher’s Weekly as “a high-quality new adventure with Conan Doyle’s beloved characters”, the novel is available in paperback and electronic format. Learn more.

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