Oeuvre by Drew Struzan. Book review

OEUVRE by Drew Struzan. Titan £29.99

Reviewed by Peter Coleborn

It’s easy to forget that the film posters you see in magazines, outside the cinema – maybe in your bedroom – have to be created, often using original artwork rather than stills from the movie. For 30 years Drew Struzan has been a Hollywood mainstay in this area, and this fabulous book reproduces pages and pages of his paintings. The man’s ability at changing styles is amazing, judging by the 250+ illustrations in Oeuvre – and indicated by some of the most iconic posters you’ve seen: Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Harry Potter… And not just films: he’s worked in the music biz, publishing, and the commercial sector.

Obviously, with an art book such as this you expect pages of full colour images – and you’ll not be disappointed. And yet I would have liked more text, especially about the man. The brief introduction mentions his “ordinary” background – but he seems to have always been an artist. He realised his dreams – and for that we should also be thankful.

A beautifully produced volume of some amazing artwork. This is a great gift for the art lovers among us. And I nearly forgot to mention, George Lucas provides the book’s foreword.