Pan Horror author Dulcie Gray dies

Actress and writer, Dulcie Gray, has died at the age of 92 it has been reported. Most of her fiction output consisted of murder mystery novels, whilst she contributed a number of short stories to the Pan Book of Horror series under the editorship of Herbert van Thal, including The Fur Brooch in volume 9 and The Necklace in volume 10.

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  1. She was more than a “Howard’s Way” actress as reported. My favourite story is about her entrancing Aleister Crowley with her performance in the stage play of “Brighton Rock”, so much so that he wrote to her asking if he could sacrifice her at dawn at Stonehenge, but she declined on the grounds of not being an early riser!

  2. CarolineC // 25/11/2011 at 21:28 //

    I love that story, Ian! I recall her PBoH stories with fondness too, from my misspent youth. I actually didn’t realise the writer was the same person as the actress until Johnny Mains pointed it out to me. I also saw her and her late husband on stage in a farce a long time ago – a wonderful actress.

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