Pandemonium announce latest titles

Pandemonium Fiction are delighted to announce their next titles: Lost Souls and Crossroads.

For Lost Souls, the Pandemonium editors have been quietly scouring the archives, searching for the best, lost stories that meet their theme: tales of damnation and redemption.

The result is a collection that ranges from the haunting to the humorous, with stories from Latrobe Carroll, Robert W. Chambers, William Atwell Cheney, Mary Coleridge, Stephen Crane, Benjamin Disraeli, Amelia B. Edwards, Mary Wilkins Freeman, John Galsworthy, Richard Garnett, George Gissing, Bret Harte, Anne Sedgwick, May Wentworth and several others.

They’ve found tales about war and cowboys, popes and prisoners, poverty and ghosts – even stories about the nature of stories. There’s also a story about a chicken. Something for everyone.

Lost Souls is illustrated – magnificently – by Vincent Sammy (cover image shown above). The stories are introduced by the editors, Anne C. Perry and Jared Shurin.

The hardcover edition of Lost Souls is limited to 100 numbered copies at £14.99 each. The pre-orders are on sale now. Both the print and ebook edition will be available in August.

Crossroads is the latest digital chapbook from Pandemonium. It contains four different deals with the Devil: stories of hope, loss, sex, rats and maths. The contributors are Christian Fox, Jenni Hill, Robert Sharp and Ian Whates, with a cover by Vincent Sammy (depicting the legendary Robert Johnson).

Crossroads is also released in August 2012, in ebook format only, for a mere 99p.

Full details at the Pandemonium website HERE