Pendragon Press invites submissions for its first e-book

Christopher Teague, proprietor of Pendragon Press, announces as follows:

“In 1999 I embarked on a publishing journey with no real experience of, or knowledge in, what I was doing, but I edited and published Nasty Snips. Late next year, Pendragon Press will be publishing its first proper e-book – and a sequel to Nasty Snips – imaginatively titled NASTY SNIPS II.

I will, though, be helped by three co-editors to read the flood of submissions – yes, this is OPEN to ALL. My fellow editors are (in alphabetical order) Katy O’Dowd, Esther Sherman and Ross Anthony Warren. Submissions open on 3 October 2011 and will close on 31 January 2012.

Keeping in flavour with the original Nasty Snips, we are looking for short, sharp and shocking tales of original horror fiction no longer than 1000 words. Payment will be a token £10 upon acceptance (which works out at 1p per word), preferably by Paypal, for first World E-publication rights – all other rights reserved by you, the author.

E-mail your submissions (in typical MSS format) to: submissions [at] pendragonpress [dot] net. Please one story at a time, and simultaneous submissions are fine with us.”