Postscripts #28/29 – Exotic Gothic 4 by guest editor Danel Olson – available for pre-order

The latest issue of Postscripts is now available for pre-order from PS Publishing. This bumper anthology – Postscripts #28/29 – is entitled Exotic Gothic 4 and edited by guest editor Danel Olson. Olson explains:

“In 2006, I floated a concept I created called Exotic Gothic to over seventy publishers around the world. It was an experiment in growing neo-Gothic stories: to keep one or more traditional tropes of the old genre in each new story, but add much that’s culturally different, and set them all outside of their original birthlands of the UK, Germany, and France. Since then the series has had four volumes, the first three from Ash-Tree Press of Canada (which with regret was unable to produce the fourth due to unforeseen personal commitments and time constraints), and the current from England’s PS Publishing (whose name to carry the series was suggested by many of the writers within this all-new collection). Exotic Gothic 2 was a Shirley Jackson Award Finalist, and Exotic Gothic 3 a Shirley Jackson and World Fantasy Award Finalist. Many of the series’ harrowing and sensual tales now reappear the following year in Best Of.. and themed collections. PS presents an all-new Exotic Gothic 5 in 2013.”

The latest Exotic Gothic volume contains stories from twenty-five of today’s finest speculative fiction writers, including: Adam Nevill, Kaaron Warren, Reggie Oliver, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Steve Rasnic Tem, Terry Dowling, Anna Taborska and Stephen Volk.

For pre-order information see the PS Publishing site HERE