Pseudopod: Year 10 Kickstarter Shenanigans!

ppodOur friends over at Pseudopod are running a Kickstarter project to enable them to be able to pay their narrators in the future. From the project page:

Pseudopod, the world’s longest running free short horror fiction podcast, is celebrating its 10th Halloween and wants to raise funds to pay their narrators. Rewards include an eBook anthology and tiki mug designed especially for us by Horror in Clay.

2016 marks Pseudopod’s 10th Halloween. Just about this time in 2013, we were weeks from shutting our doors and turning the lights off. Thanks to contributors like you, we were able to not only survive, but thrive. While we have always paid our authors, last year we raised our pay for full-length original fiction to professional rates. This year we adjusted this policy to cover all original fiction. That makes us one of two regular fiction markets that exclusively runs short horror while paying SFWA professional rates, and original sales also count towards membership requirements for the HWA. Now we’re asking the listeners to help chip in so we can compensate all of our content creators.

An honourable venture with a gorgeous tiki mug and anthology as sweeteners. At the time of writing the project was $4713 under their goal with 60 hours left to run so please, if possible, give generously!


(Full disclosure: Promotion of this project is because Pseudopod, and Alasdair Stuart (Pseudopod and Escape Artists Head Honcho), are awesome and what they’re trying to do is a brilliant thing and not because Phil, current BFS Chair, has recently narrated for Pseudopod and would love to get paid for his work in future! Honest. No, really.)