Recent book reviews

Recently reviewed books; read them here.

  • MASTER OF THE ROAD TO NOWHERE / IN THE TIME OF WAR by Carol Emshwiller. PS Publishing
  • THE EMPEROR’S TOY CHEST by Tobias Seamon. PS Publishing
  • TERRA DAMNATA by James Cooper. PS Publishing
  • ECHO CITY by Tim Lebbon. Orbit
  • THE BROKEN KINGDOMS by N K Jemisin. Orbit
  • AVENGER’S ANGEL by Heather Killough-Walden. Headline
  • TERMINAL WORLD by Alastair Reynolds. Gollancz
  • BY LIGHT ALONE by Adam Roberts. Gollancz
  • A LONG LONG SLEEP by Anna Sheehan. Gollancz
  • GUARDIANS OF PARADISE by Jaine Fenn. Orion
  • DARK HEART by Darren J Guest. Snow Books
  • OEUVRE by Drew Struzan. Titan
  • REDLAW by James Lovegrove. Solaris