Recent book reviews

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  • DEMI-MONDE: WINTER by Rod Rees. Jo Fletcher Books
  • THE VAMPIRE SHRINK by Lynda Hilburn. Jo Fletcher Books
  • BRINGER OF LIGHT by Jaine Fenn. Gollancz
  • SUPERNATURAL: COYOTE’S KISS by Christa Faust. Titan Books
  • FATED by S G Browne. Piatkus
  • PANDEMONIUM ROAD by Thomas Emson. Snowbooks
  • THE LION OF CAIRO by Scott Oden. Bantam
  • DEAD ISLAND: THE BOOK by Mark Morris. Bantam Books/Transworld
  • CHILLING TALES edited by Michael Kelly. Edge
  • GOODNIGHT KEITH MOON: A PARODY by Bruce Worden & Clare Cross. Word of Mouth Press