Richard A. Lupoff joins the Hippocampus Press family

With the release in trade paperback of his two new collections, Dreams and Visions, Hippocampus Press welcomes Richard A. Lupoff to its family of authors. Each volume contains all the stories from the hardcover editions, plus one new story per volume original to the Hippocampus edition!

About Dreams:
“The stories range from Lovecraftian horror to Holmesian detection, from hard science fiction to whimsy, from semi-autobiographical recreations of past decades to images of the distant future, culminating in the stunning mini-trilogy of,  and  Heaven.god.  Whatever the genre or mood, these stories never cease to startle, delight, amaze, and occasionally terrify!”

About Visions:
“Visions offers the reader a wide range of stories: chronicles of the psychic detective Abraham ben Zaccheus, Lovecraftian tales, and other tales of fantasy and horror showcasing Lupoff’s boundless imagination, and his skills as a master storyteller.”

Richard A. Lupoff began his writing career in science fiction fandom in the 1950s, and began publishing fiction in 1967 with the novel One Million Centuries. He is credited with more than 50 books, plus short fiction, non-fiction and memoirs. His novel about H.P. Lovecraft was published by Arkham House in 1985 as Lovecraft’s Book; an expanded version entitled Marblehead appeared in 2006.