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BlackMirrorsScreaming Dreams are proud to announce that Black Mirrors by Paul Edwards is now available.

Black Mirrors is the debut collection from Paul Edwards. Originally published as a paperback by Rainfall Books, this title is now available as a Kindle edition from Screaming Dreams. Featuring fourteen stories of dark fiction to satisfy your twisted souls!

Available on Kindle from and in ePub format from

Screaming Dreams also have two other books now available on Smashwords:

Now That I’ve Lost You by Paul Edwards

In these nineteen tales of love and loss, sex and death, you will brave witches, warlocks and the living dead; traverse uncharted, hypnotic highways; and you will meet up with green-eyed losers who inhabit small spaces: whether it’s graveyards, old churches, or their own echoing heads.


Songs from Spider Street by Mark Howard Jones

Ambitious killers, haunted clowns, energetic layabouts, tender murderers, discontented lovers, honest thieves and the occassional mislaid hero all jostle for their place in a finely-spun web of desire and death, pleading to be heard. A collection of short story dark fiction.