Second Eric Brown Weird Space novel to Abaddon

Jonathan Oliver, commissioning editor of Abaddon Books, has acquired Satan’s Reach, a second Weird Space SF novel by Eric Brown.  This follows on from Eric’s soon-to-be-published The Devil’s Nebula. The novel will be delivered in 2013. The agent was John Jarrold and the deal is for UK/US rights.

Eric Brown said:  “I’m excited about doing the second book in the Weird Space series – a seat-of-the-pants adventure entitled Satan’s Reach about a telepath on the run from the Expansion authorities and the bounty hunter who will stop at nothing to get him – and what they find on a far-flung planet in the badlands of  Satan’s Reach. It’s space opera with the emphasis on starships, aliens, exotic worlds – and the perennial threat from the Weird.”