Space: 1889 and Beyond from Untreed Reads

Untreed Reads is proud to present Space: 1889 and Beyond, a brand-new series of e-books based on the award-winning steampunk role-playing game created by Frank Chadwick. The tales take place in a universe in which Victorian science has breached the barrier of Earth’s atmosphere and is spreading out among the stars.

The year is 1889, and man is in space!

Enter the fantastical world of Space: 1889 and Beyond in this exciting first series, wherein we’re introduced to our heroes; ‘Professor’ Nathanial Stone and his ward, Miss Annabelle Somerset. Join them as they travel the inner planets, encountering giant ants, lizard-men, ghosts, crazed scientists and, of course, Martians! Adventure is never far away when you live in 1889 …

Published by Untreed Reads, the first six-book series runs until the end of December 2011. Book one (Journey to the Heart of Luna, by range editor, Andy Frankham-Allen) and book two (Vandals on Venus by popular steampunk scribe, K.G. McAbee) are already available, with book three (The Ghosts of Mercury by best-selling Doctor Who author, Mark Michalowski) due this Halloween. Series two begins February 2012.”