Supernatural: Coyote’s Kiss by Christa Faust. Book review

SUPERNATURAL: COYOTE’S KISS by Christa Faust. Titan Books £6.99

Reviewed by Craig Knight

Coyote’s Kiss is the latest tie-in novel to the hit TV series Supernatural. A series of bizarre and brutal murders along the US-Mexico border draws hunters Sam and Dean Winchester into a story of betrayal and Aztec legends.

As a fan of Supernatural, I approached this book with some relish and I was not disappointed. Faust manages to capture the essence of the series well whilst throwing the characters into unfamiliar territory with Aztec gods and monsters. Sam and Dean are joined by sassy Mexican hunter Xochi, who complements the boys well. The dynamic between her and Dean is written superbly and Dean’s flirtatious nature provides the comic relief for the story. Fans of Castiel are out of luck as the angel barely makes an appearance although his absence is neatly explained.

As with all Supernatural stories, the key is in the relationship between the two brothers. Faust captures their personalities well from the outset. This is made slightly trickier as the story is set in the early sixth season where Sam has been stripped of his soul. This twist to his personality is handled with aplomb and the moments where his lack of feelings shine through are spot on.

Faust’s knowledge of Supernatural is obvious and often references the show’s mythology, but this can come across as a little overdone in places. Readers not familiar with the series will wonder why Sam has no soul and who Ben and Lisa are but this is a minor criticism. Faust delivers a fast-moving and rich story that never stops for breath; this is a great addition to the Supernatural universe.