Telos Moonrise Launches

e-bookTelos Publishing is delighted to announce the launch of Telos Moonrise, a new digital and POD imprint for Telos Publishing, which will expand to cover a wider variety of fiction than we are currently able to undertake in the more traditional publishing lines. Titles will be made available in ebook formats, and for those who still love books, all the titles will also be available as print on demand paperbacks via Amazon.

‘We have always loved publishing fiction,’ explained Telos’ Publishing Director David J Howe, ‘and with technology now at a point where this can be achieved at a good enough quality, we’re delighted to be able to put the Telos name and standards behind a variety of new titles and projects, all of which we are excited and thrilled to be publishing. Expect some superb fiction from both new and established names in the range, which nicely complements Telos’ main stream of non-fiction publishing.’

Consultant and editor for the imprint is Sam Stone, herself an acclaimed and award-winning author, and she will be commissioning and looking for titles for the range. ‘I’m thrilled to be working with Telos on this,’ she said. ‘It’s very satisfying to be able to bring into print some evocative and enjoyable work from some excellent authors.’

The ranges covered by Telos Moonrise are:

  • Steampunk Visions’: Explore alternate worlds, past, present and future in our exciting new Steampunk range. There will be action, adventure and, of course, superb gadgets.
  • ‘Criminal Pursuits’: Look into the darkest depths of the criminal mind and explore the darker side of humanity with our Crime and Thriller titles.
  • ‘Dark Endeavours’: Delve into the supernatural, urban and dark fantasy, or the darkest horror imaginable. Or simply explore fantasy realms and alternate worlds where anything can happen from myth and magic to sword-wielding warriors.
  • ‘Sinful Pleasures’: Brings sexual fantasies, love or simply unbridled lust, with good strong stories, believable characters and a large helping of erotica in all its forms.

Telos Moonrise launches with a ‘Dark Endeavours’ title in September 2013: Absinthe and Arsenic, a collection of dark, mysterious and comedic tales by award winning dark fantasy and steampunk author Raven Dane.

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