The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini in paperback from Tartarus

The next Tartarus Press book will be a paperback edition of Reggie Oliver‘s first short story collection, The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini and Other Strange Stories. The first 200 copies will be signed and numbered by the author (copies will be allocated on a first come, first served basis). It will also be available as an ebook.

The volume contains: “Author’s Note”, “Beside the Shrill Sea”, “Feng Shui”, “In Arcadia”, “Evil Eye”, “Miss Marchant’s Cause”, “Tiger in the Snow”, “Garden Gods”, “The Black Cathedral” ,”The Boy in Green Velvet”, “The Golden Basilica”, “Death Mask”, “The Seventeenth Sister”, “The Copper Wig”, “The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini”. Each story has an illustration by the author.