The new improved Black Static magazine

There was no Black Static published in June 2012. Issue 29 will instead become the July-August issue and mail out at the same time as Interzone issue 241. The magazines will continue on that schedule, sharing the same dateline and mailings. This makes much more sense after the recent Royal Mail changes. They are both due out this week.

TTA Press have taken this opportunity to make a couple of design changes too. Black Static magazine will lose 36mm off its height and 30mm off its width, which will allow printing of more pages (issue 29 will be 96 pages instead of the usual 64). There is the very real prospect of increasing to 128 pages in the future. The new size will use a thicker uncoated paper and a thicker cover, which will be laminated. So it’ll have a spine. The point size of the fiction will be slightly bigger. This will all add up to a better reading and handling experience, and a format that better suits the content.