The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn. Book Review

THE VAMPIRE SHRINK by Lynda Hilburn. Jo Fletcher Books £12.99

Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins

Kismet Knight is a refreshing alternative to the average vampire story heroine. For starters, she’s over thirty. She’s also a shrink with her own office and heavy client list. Oh yes, and she doesn’t believe in vampires. She doesn’t want to believe in vampires – not even when an extraordinarily attractive one falls in love with her.

Searching for a topic upon which to base her next psychology book, she takes on a client who can only be described as a vampire wannabe – fake fangs and all. Before she knows it, Kismet is branded the Vampire Psychologist and caught up in a gory murder investigation that reveals far more than she ever wanted to know about vampires.

This book certainly overcame some of the doubts I have about the vampire-heavy paranormal fiction market of today. As well as being a total vampire sceptic herself, Kismet is believable and embodies all of the fears and baggage of the average thirty-something female. The tone is light-hearted and humorous making great use of sarcasm and popular culture to produce a very enjoyable read.