Two Alchemy Press anthologies to be launched at FantasyCon

The Alchemy Press will launch their two latest anthologies at FantasyCon on Saturday 29 September 2012 at 10.00am. The convention, a highpoint in the fantasy and horror fan’s calendar, once more returns to the south coast city of Brighton.

The editors, and some of the contributors, will be on hand to sign the two new anthologies: The Alchemy Press Book of Ancient Wonders and The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes.

About The Alchemy Press Book of Ancient Wonders, edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber:

“Discover standing stones, burial mounds, ruined castles or sunken cities: the ancient sites that litter our landscapes; the ancient wonders that possess a mysterious appeal that cannot be denied.”

With stories by Adrian Tchaikovsky, Aliette de Bodard, Peter Crowther, Anne Nicholls, Adrian Cole, Pauline E. Dungate, Bryn Fortey, William Meikle, John Howard, James Brogden, Shannon Connor Winward, Misha Herwin, Lynn M Cochrane and Selina Lock.

About The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes, edited by Mike Chinn:

“Hard-boiled detectives, sinister vigilantes, bizarre villains – the staple of the Pulp tradition; two-fisted heroes – and heroines – fighting for right and justice in the midnight city, foetid jungles or exotic, far-flung lands; and deranged villains for whom the world is never enough.

Here, seventeen writers dive headlong into the world of the pulp fiction, to tell us tall tales of daring do, of heroes, heroines and their villains.”

With stories by Mike Resnick, Peter Atkins, Peter Crowther, Adrian Cole, William Meikle, Joel Lane, Amber L. Husbands, Milo James Fowler, Anne Nicholls, Robert William Iveniuk, Bracken N. MacLeod, Chris Iovenko, Joshua Wolf, James Hartley, Ian Gregory, Michael Haynes and Allen Ashley.

Special FantasyCon price: £8.00 each (cover price £10.00 each) or buy both for £15.00.

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