Two-book deal for new Zeno Agency client Charlie Human

The Zeno Agency welcomes South African author Charlie Human as a client with the news of a two-book deal. Charlie’s debut novel Apocalypse Now Now, plus an untitled follow-up, has sold to Jack Fogg at Century in a deal negotiated by John Berlyne of Zeno. Century will publish in the UK and Commonwealth (Excluding South Africa) in summer 2013. South African rights have been sold in a separate deal to Frederik de Jager at Random House Struik.

A sharp urban fantasy with a uniquely South African twist, Apocalypse Now Now has been described by fellow South African writer Lauren Beukes as ‘… mad and dark and irreverent and wonderfully twisted in all the right ways’. Here’s a taster:

“Baxter Zevcenko is your average sixteen-year-old-boy — if by average you mean kingpin of a schoolyard porn syndicate and possible serial killer who suffers from surreal nightmares. Which may very well be what counts as average these days. Baxter is the first to admit that he’s not a nice guy. After all, if the guy below you falls, dragging you down into an icy abyss you have to cut him loose — even in high school.

That is until his girlfriend, Esmé, is kidnapped and Baxter is forced to confront a disturbing fact about himself — that he has a heart, and the damn thing is forcing him to abandon high-school politics and set out on a quest to find her. The clues point to supernatural forces at work and Baxter must admit that he can’t do it alone. Enter Jackie Ronin, supernatural bounty hunter, Border War veteran, and all-round lunatic, who takes him on a chaotic tour of Cape Town’s sweaty, occult underbelly.

What do glowing men, transsexual African valkyries, and zombie-creating arachnids have to do with Esmé’s disappearance? That’s what Baxter really, really needs to find out.”

Charlie Human is a writer from Cape Town, South Africa. His short story, The Immaculate Particle, appeared in Pandemonium: Stories of the Apocalypse, and Land of the Blind was printed in the UK version of Zoo City by Lauren Beukes. He has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Cape Town.

All other rights are with the Zeno Agency.