Unspoken Water 2 now available

Unspoken Water 2 is out now, edited by BFS member and Journal poetry editor, Ian Hunter, and featuring stories and poems as follows:

Little Dead Girl by C. M. Saunders
A Breath of Air by Rebekah Brown
Crossing by Karen Ellery
Heartless by Thomas Williams
Sea Monkeys by Steve Lockley
The Crossroads by Stephen Palmer
Valkenswaard by Jan Edwards
The Magic Circle by Sarah Doyle

Cover illustrations by Denny Marshall

Full details and how to purchase HERE. There will be a couple of freebies for buyers while stocks last, including the latest spoof progress report for the 2071 Fantasycon (the 100th event).

Submissions for issue 3 open on 1 January 2012 for a special music-themed issue.