Upcoming novel from Peter Mark May

Peter Mark May‘s new novel Hedge End is to be published by Samhain Horror, edited by the legendary Don D’Auria. May has also signed a contract for a zombie novel called AZ: Anno Zombie, also being published by Samhain.

“The woods, and the hedge surrounding it, had been there since Roman times. Over the years, due to the encroachment of houses and the coming of the railways, the hedge had been cut down. Slowly, out of the breaches, creatures long trapped inside from the Dark Ages creep, wanting revenge for their long imprisonment. And when a stranger arrives in Hedge End with a guitar on his back he makes sure that the residents of Hedge End have a May Day that no one will forget. Only two young couples stand in his way, but they have many secrets of their own to hide …”

Hedge End will be published on 3 July 2012 in trade paperback.