Upcoming signings at Forbidden Planet: Stephen Baxter, Brian Froud and Peter F. Hamilton

Forbidden Planet have some exciting new signings at their London Megastore over the coming months.

First, Stephen Baxter will be signing his new Doctor Who novel, The Wheel of Ice, on Sunday 19 August 2012 from 1.00 – 2.00 pm. The novel features the Second Doctor, along with companions Jamie and Zoe.

Then, in September, Brian Froud will be signing Trolls. Trolls, co-written/illustrated with Wendy Froud, is a book which “reveals the past, present and future of these magical creatures through images, tales, mythology and archaeology.”  “Brian’s images are deeply immersive, even cinematic at times; Trolls draws the viewer into the texture of the world and its stories with characters born of lichened rocks, twisted trees, rainbowed waterfalls and shadowy thickets.” This signing takes place on Thursday 13 September 2012 from 6.00 – 7.00 pm.

That same month, on Tuesday 25 September 2012 from 6.00 – 7.00 pm, Peter F. Hamilton will be signing Great North Road. About Great North Road: “In Newcastle-upon-Tyne, AD 2142, Detective Sidney Hurst attends a brutal murder scene. The victim is one of the wealthy North family clones – but none have been reported missing. And the crime’s most disturbing aspect is how the victim was killed. Twenty years ago, a North clone billionaire and his household were horrifically murdered in exactly the same manner, on the tropical planet of St Libra. But if the murderer is still at large, was Angela Tramelo wrongly convicted? In this stunning, standalone adventure, Peter F. Hamilton blends fast-paced narrative with vividly imagined future-worlds.”