Weird Tales seeking submissions once again

Weird Tales, now under new management, is once again open to submissions. Each issue will feature a theme, with half of that issue “devoted to strange and innovative takes on that theme. This also means that half of each issue will be devoted to the unclassifiable and eclectic tales that have always been the soul of Weird Tales.”

At the moment, they are looking for stories for their Undead issue – “unusual and radical takes on Zombies, Ghouls, chiang-shih’s, the Lich and other creatures yet undefined. Even vampires, if you have found a new wrinkle.” They are also looking to fill the Fairy Tales issue.

They also seek fiction for the non-themed parts of each issue, along with artwork. Queries regarding non-fiction are also welcome.

Full details and submission guidelines are HERE

The current issue, available now, is pictured.