Winner of BFS / Exaggerated Press competition

The winner of the BFS’s latest competition – to win three books from Exaggerated Press – is Jay Eales. Copies of Apoidea by Douglas Thompson, Mostly Monochrome Stories by John Travis and The Exaggerated Man and Other Stories by Terry Grimwood will be on their way to our lucky winner shortly.

The answer to the question posed for the competition – what is the title of the upcoming anthology from Exaggerated Press – is, of course, The Monster Book for Girls. This book is now available. It is edited by Terry Grimwood, has cover art by Steve Upham, and features stories and poetry by Allen Ashley, Rachel Kendall, Farah Ghuznavi, Gary Fry, Marc Lyth, Ian Sales, Kat Fullerton, Shay Darrach, Samantha Porter, Rosanne Robinowitz, Stuart Young, Kelly Rose Pflug-Black, Lorraine Slater, Andrew Hook, Nicole Papaioannou, Derek John, Jessica Lawrence, Gary McMahon, Tony Lovell, Terry Grimwood, Stephen Bacon, Sarah Hilary, Mark Howard Jones, Jamie Rosen, John Travis, John Forth, Regina de Burca and David Rix.

Full details HERE