In Case of Fire

From Glenn Jame’s website (Glenn is a fine artist who’s work has been featured in Dark Horizons):

“There is an eternal struggle in our imaginations, between the brave Knights of fable, and the Dragons of our Dark Age nightmares.  Glenn was very much raised on Arthurian romances, and since having completed his first Dragon illustration in ‘Marlborough Knight’, he wants to develop a series depicting these struggles and conflicts.

But not always in a conventional sense.  All is fair in love and war, they say, and there is no reason why a knight must stick to the old weapons of choice, when faced with a 90 foot long, flying, fire-breathing reptile.  More than a hint of mischief went into the inspiration behind this drawing, and the knight’s choice of weapon obviously does not amuse his opponent.”

Prints of Glenn’s work are available.