Worlds Without End

Worlds Without End’s goal is to help members and visitors find the very best books in the science fiction and fantasy world. To accomplish this, they’ve built an extensive database of the best books, authors and publishers based on the winners and nominees in the Best Novel category for Hugo, Nebula, BSFA, Locus SF, Locus Fantasy, Campbell, BFS, World Fantasy, PKD and Clarke awards. In addition they also cover many ‘best of genre’ lists such as the SF and Fantasy Masterworks series from Gollancz and the ISFDB Top 100 Books. They have listed over 2,000 of the best books — and that number is always growing.

The data is presented in an attractive format with functional links to here, there and everywhere. For example, here is the BFS Award page. Additionally, members can use our BookTrackr tool to rate and tag the books they’ve read, are currently reading, or want to read later. They can obtain a customised list that is coded to their personal reading history and quickly see nominated books you’ve read and which ones you’ve missed. 

Other features include extensive listings of SF/F magazines, podcasts, conventions, etc, plus a forum to talk to fellow members. This looks to be a valuable website. It will certainly make answering that question we keep getting asked: what books should we be reading? Visit the WWE website and enjoy.