Gray Matters by John Gastil. Review.


Gray Matters by John Gastil Cosmic Egg Books, pb, £8.59 Reviewed by Matt Adcock Getting old isn’t much fun – I’m feeling it as I hit the half-century mark – ageing [...]

HALL OF SMOKE by H.M. Long. Review.


HALL OF SMOKE by H.M. Long. Titan Books. p/b. £8.99. Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins. Hessa is not in her goddess’ favour. An offering in blood. A plea for one’s life. Does [...]

The Coven by Lizzie Fry. Review.


The Coven by Lizzie Fry Sphere, hb, £12.05 Reviewed by Mikaela Silk A world filled with witches but ruled by men: what could go wrong? When Chloe Su discovers a latent [...]

The Far Wild by Alex Knight. Review.


The Far Wild by Alex Knight Midas, Audible, £16.62 Reviewed by Sarah Deeming Suni is a naturalist’s apprentice. With deep love and fascination for nature and other [...]
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